Terms & Conditions

Witly = an HTC Vive application, created and published by Edulus software s.r.o.
Student = a person who orders and pays for a lesson and wants to be tutored through Witly
Tutor = a person who is offering his / her tutoring (teaching) services through our website www.witlyvr.com and application Witly

1. We own all the intellectual property rights of our software and website.
2. You must not republish, sell, or exploit material from our website or software for commercial or other purposes.
3. All users must be respectful to other users of Witly. We will not tolerate any threats, harassment, intimidation, hate speech, or bullying.
4. You will not use our website and application to do anything unlawful, misleading, or discriminatory.
5. Upon violating any of our terms, we may decline to cooperate with you, both as a tutor and as a student.
6. If you schedule a lesson through our website or start offering your services as a tutor on this website / application, you agree with these Terms & Conditions.

1. Lessons (tutorings) are scheduled in the Witly application or website “www.witlyvr.com”.
2. To schedule a lesson, a student picks a tutor and gets in contact with him via the contact form on each tutor’s profile (either in the application or this website). The student and tutor then arrange a date and time when the lesson takes place via e-mail communication. When the date is arranged, the tutor sends the student a payment link and the student must complete the payment to finalize the scheduling process. Students can pay via PayPal or their credit / debit card (the option is available at the bottom of each PayPal payment window).
3. A lesson is valid and rightfully scheduled only after the the student and tutor agree on a date & time, and after the student pays for the lesson.
4. In order for the application to run seamlessly, it is necessary to have SteamVR running before launching Witly. Also, make sure that the sound source is set to HTC Vive’s speakers and that you have headphones plugged into the headset, before launching Witly. If you use outside speakers instead, you may experience sound problems during your lesson.
5. When the lesson is due, the student opens Witly in HTC Vive. After going through / skipping the tutorial, he selects “log in for my lesson” and writes his e-mail address into the designated field. (Both the student and the tutor must write the student’s e-mail correctly in order to get connected in the app.) After the student inputs his e-mail address, he will be placed in a virtual “room” with his tutor and the tutoring can begin. In case the tutor is not yet in this “room”, he should join the student shortly.
6. In case the student is the first one in the “room”, it is recommended that he waits for 5 minutes for his tutor. If the tutor does not connect within 5 minutes after the tutoring was scheduled to begin, the student will get a full refund on the price he paid. The tutor will not get paid and will be asked to pay Edulus software s.r.o. 25% of the price of the tutoring, as well as any potential transaction fees, within 10 calendar days from the date when the lesson was due. (If not, this sum will be deduced from his next payment.)
7. The tutor is obliged to wait for the student for 10 minutes after the lesson is due to begin. If the student comes later than that or does not come at all, then the student has no right for a refund and the “money back guarantee” does not apply to him.
8. If the student and the tutor fail to meet in the “room” for their lesson because one of them has written the student’s e-mail address incorrectly, the one who input it incorrectly will bear the financial costs associated with the lesson. (If the tutor inputs the name incorrectly, the same steps as in the point n. 6 of section II apply. If the student inputs the name incorrectly, he will not get a refund and also cannot apply for a “money back guarantee”. He may write to the tutor and ask for a substitute lesson. The tutor may choose whether to give a substitute lesson without extra payment, or not.

1. Both the student and the tutor have the right to cancel a scheduled lesson.
2. If the student asks for cancellation at least 24 hours before the lesson is due, his money will be refunded, or he may re-schedule another appointment with the given tutor for the same price, given that they both agree on a substitute date. If the student cancels a scheduled lesson less than 24 hours before it is scheduled, his money will not be refunded. To cancel a tutoring, the student ought to write an e-mail to his tutor, as well as to Edulus software s.r.o. (to our e-mail address info@witlyvr.com).
3. If the tutor cancels a scheduled lesson 24 or more hours before it is due, money will be returned to the customer and Edulus Software s.r.o. will bear the associated fees up to the cost of 3USD or an equivalent sum in another currency; (if transaction fees surpass 3USD, they will be covered by the tutor who cancelled the lesson).
4. If the tutor cancels his lesson less than 24 hours before it is due, the full sum paid by the student will be returned to the student, and the tutor will not get paid. (In case he already received his payment, the given sum will be deduced from his next payment. Alternatively, he will be asked to send the sum back to the PayPal account of Edulus software s.r.o. and must do so within 10 calendar days.) In this case, Edulus software s.r.o. will also be entitled to the 25% provision of the lesson’s price, so the tutor will need to cover that, along with any potential payment fees / bank transactions fees, within 10 calendar days from the date when the lesson was due. (The given sum will be deduced from his next payment, or he may be asked to send it to the PayPal account of Edulus software s.r.o.)
5. If a tutor decides to cancel a tutoring, he ought to write an e-mail to his student, as well to Edulus software s.r.o. (to our email address info@witlyvr.com).
6. Each student is entitled to a “money back guarantee” for three times maximum. The guarantee is only applicable to those students who have scheduled a lesson through our website / application, and completed the full lesson. To apply for the “money back guarantee”, the student has to write an e-mail to info@witlyvr.com, state when the lesson took place, how much he had paid for it, what was the subject and who was his tutor. He should then describe why he was dissatisfied with the lesson in as much detail as possible. Should his complaints be relevant, he will receive a full refund for the price he paid. If he complains about the tutor, he will not be able to schedule another lesson with him in the future. The student must send us the aforementioned e-mail within 3 days of the lesson in order to be eligible for the “money back guarantee”.
7. In case the tutoring was shorter than what the student paid for due to an error on the tutor’s side, the whole price of the lesson will be refunded to the student. The tutor will bear financial responsibility for any transaction fees and will not get paid for the lesson. He will also pay 25% of the lesson’s price to Edulus software s.r.o., unless agreed otherwise. (The amount will be deduced from his next payment, or he will be asked to send it to the PayPal account of Edulus software s.r.o.)
8. Requested refunds and “money back guarantee” compensations can be paid to either the bank or PayPal account of the student, based upon his / her preference. Edulus software s.r.o. is not responsible for any bank or PayPal fees associated with these compensations.

1. We do not employ tutors. We serve as an intermediary between students and tutors and a provider of the technological infrastructure needed for tutoring.
2. In relation to the Valve corporation, tutors are a third-party. Tutors are the ones providing the services that students pay for. Edulus software s.r.o. is only a facilitator of this process, and creator of the meeting application which may also be used for other purposes.
3. Edulus software s.r.o. takes 25% off of the price of every given lesson.
4. Tutors get paid on PayPal after they give a scheduled lesson. We send them their payments as soon as possible, always within 48 hours after their lesson ends. Any delays in the reception of the money caused by banks or PayPal are not our responsibility, as are not any transaction fees.
5. If a student applies for a “money back guarantee” and lists the tutor as his main complaint, the tutor will bear the cost of 50% of the price that will be refunded to the student, as well as our 25% fee of the price of the tutoring.
6. If a tutor cancels a lesson, does not come to a scheduled lesson on time or does not come at all, or if he misspells his student’s e-mail address and thus fails to connect with him in Witly in time for his lesson, he shall bear financial responsibility, as described in point 4. of section III. If any of these or other similar case happens, we will get in touch with the tutor and discuss the details.
7. A tutor is required to reply to a student who has contacted him, and if possible, try to arrange a suitable date and time for a lesson. When the date and time are arranged, the tutor sends his payment link to the student, who must complete the payment before the lesson takes place.
8. If the student lives in a different time zone than the tutor, it is the tutor’s responsibility to convert his available times to the student’s time zone, and make sure no misunderstanding arises.
9. A tutor who wishes to cooperate with us should contact us either through the contact form on our website “www.witlyvr.com” (at the “Become a Tutor” page), or write an email to “info@witlyvr.com”.
10. All the information that one provides if he wishes to work with us as a tutor must be true.
11. There is no given minimum or maximum of lessons a tutor can / has to give. Every tutor is free to teach as much or as little as he likes, and as circumstances allow. Edulus software s.r.o. also does not guarantee its tutors any number of lessons per any given time period.
12. Should a tutor use Witly to tutor someone without having the lesson arranged and paid for via our Steam Wallet links, he will be denied access to the application and our cooperation with him will be terminated.
13. Edulus software s.r.o. may decide to terminate cooperation with a tutor if he violates these terms and conditions or otherwise contravenes the company’s values.